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90 Minute Marketing Workshops

We provide one-on-one consulting services...like your CPA or legal counsel, for a one-time meeting or on-going, business planning, development and coaching assistance. Call us today for a complimentary assessment.

Do you know how a brand name and image is created and what keeps it successful day-in and day-out?

When people hear the name of your business or organization do you know what they think...what they remember?

Why should a donor or volunteers choose YOUR organizations to support and give money to?

Our new 90-Minute Branding Workshop and individual professional branding consulting services can give you the answer to questions and more. We also offer timely, affordable ideas and strategies that can help you achieve your sales and funding goals.

Today more than ever, nonprofit organizations and assoications need to market smart and that means creating and convey a clear message on a consistent basis to your stakeholders and general public. What is YOUR uPod? Do you need a fund develoment strategy? If so, call us today and arrange a one-on-one meeting or a private banking workshop for staff or board.

We've worked with hundreds of different types of businesses, products and services from retail, high-tech, health care, tourism, and commerical services. Today, the competition for customers is more intense then ever and it's important to let people know quickly why they should choose your business, service or product, and what will keep them coming back again and again? Our branding workshops are a great way to engage your team in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

With fewer disposible dollars, people are making choices about what organizations, associations or clubs to join and stay involved with...for the long haul. If your membership numbers are down, it may be in your message. Call us today to arrange a branding workshop for your team, and as a value added benefit for your membership. Ask us about sponsorship and other funding options.