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Successful communications strategies are not marketing documents that sit on a shelf. They are actual materials, sights and sounds that make something happen; they make the phone ring, fill up email boxes with request and orders. Our marketing and creative strategies focus on making the sale, winning support, sharing the news. We clients a measurable return on their investment.

The number one goal is to make your customers and prospects take action...and that mean surprising them with "something" that will get...and keep their attention.
We have a proven track record of creating memorable creative ideas and strategies that build brands and maintain momentum long after your sales and marketing materials have been viewed.

Our approach to developing sales and branding messaging is to first identify your clear point-of-difference and key customers, prospects, stakeholder and then....get to the point...quickly. State the sales proposition the product and service benefits. Ask for the order, and make the sale.

We work on a pre-project and on-going contract basis depending on your needs, time-frame and budgets. We often work in stages or phases to help clarify project parameters, deadlines, internal and external production and staff support resources and financial considerations.

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90 Minute Marketing Workshops

We offer a full-range of marketing and communication services from comprehensive strategic planning to special one-time projects. We provide services large corporations, small and start-up businesses, associations and non-profit organizations looking for fund development strategies.

We've worked with hundreds of different types of businesses, products and services from aviation to agriculture, high tech to corner stores, government agencies to non-profit organizations. We have the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to make a difference in your business or organization. Call us today.

we begin by conducting a marketing analysis, to look for every possible strength your business or organization may have, taking maximum advantage of your point-of-difference and competitive advantage you may have. We look at your sales/revenue channels, geographic market area, specific sales goes and financial criteria...then we develop a plan for your business or project.

we specialize in award-winning, measurable and memorable creative ideas and strategies that work for any marketing to...from public out

if you don't have a clear, well defined identity and need a strategy to build your own unique brand, call us. we can help.

We have people. Good people. Working together, we can help you create the website that will meet your needs and achieve your goals. We understand website design, interfaces, CMS, Flash, social media/marketing, SEO, SEM, PCC and more. We can help you figure out what you need..and what you don't.

Creating a partnership with the public and helping them understand what it is you want them to see, is a skill, a craft and requires expertise. We have that expertise and know how to make that happen. Call us and let us help you convey your message..in the media, social networks, at public meetings, in words on handouts.

Public relation is similar to community outreach but involve the media and asking them to help tell your story, your message.

Sometime you need to tell you story, share your idea, mission. vision with elected and government officials. In the form of grants, letters, rationales, presentations, demonstration of public support. We can do that, too.
Effective media strategies don't just happen. They are planned and negotiated by people who are experts in the field...who know the rates, reach, frequency, cable and radio buys, transit, outdoor, trade and industry publications, now, social media on the internet. We can help negotiate the rates, contracts, opportunities off-line and on-line.

We provide one-on-one consulting services...like your CPA or legal counsel, for a one-time meeting or on-going, business planning, development and coaching assistance. Call us today for a complimentary assessment.